This site is about all things related to MK Macpherson’s science fiction writing.

And things that may be semi-related.

And things that are not related at all.

It is, most likely, of little interest to anyone.

Yet another older, middle-class, white guy writing science fiction? Really?

(Sigh. Raised eyes)

I get your point, and I agree. But there’s little I can do about me and I really like to write science fiction. I think my writing is a bit different, but then, I’d say that wouldn’t I? I do know what I’m talking about though. I have an MSc in Theoretical Physics and I’ve been a software engineer for longer than I care to acknowledge. And I have a daughter who is a Research Fellow in Cosmology and Astrophysics and I taught her everything she knows. (HaHa, I wish!)


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