About Random Life Choices

Random Choices can lead anywhere

What are you doing? Haven’t you got far better, more productive things to do than randomly looking at an independent book publisher’s About page? We only have one author at the moment, MK Macpherson, so it’s all rather pitiful. There’s not much interesting information on this web site (we all have far better things to do than provide internet entertainment – we’re trying to get books published). You may have more luck over at MK Macpherson’s web site. He tends to post pointless stuff that may, at rather rare times, be mildly amusing. We keep asking him to stop wasting his time posting crap when he’s got books to write, or so he says he does. His science fiction series, First Gods, is far from complete. We just wish he’d take himself off somewhere and get the damn books done. But no, he has to keep doing stuff completely unrelated to writing. And then he’s too busy or too exhausted to respond to our queries. This squeaky wheel is not being attended too, unfortunately.