Slow Progress

There are many moving parts in book publishing. We’re only beginning to get our heads around what’s involved. And when those moving parts are people with other, multiple commitments then, well, the machine moves slowly.

We have to outsource most of what we do; we’re too small to fund all operations in-house. We did that with our software and app business. But that was possible because we knew what we were doing and our expertise was what was being purchased. But with independent book publishing there many disparate talents required. For example, there’s editing within genre, the same with cover design, there’s technical knowledge of paper-based book layouts, the same with ebook setups. Then the author can hold things up as the above talents produce and display their works for approval.

Note to self. Don’t give complete control and veto of production style, content, and standards to the author. And most especially not when that author has no more experience and knowledge than you do. Well, that’s changed. We have a lot more knowledge now. Unfortunately, most of that knowledge is how not to do things. However, we’re not too frustrated. We expected a learning curve and we expected the first run through to be difficult. It will get better and we won’t make the same mistakes in later releases.

This slow process of publication doesn’t interfere with the quality of the books and the writing. It’s all about grammar preferences, styles and layouts, colour schemes and fonts for covers. Getting talented people to agree is difficult. But that’s the job of management and we know about that. It’s early days, so we’re still in the consensus stage. Which always takes longer but antagonises the least number of people.

Realistically, we’re looking at 2022 to release the first three books in his First Gods series. And that is another reason we’re taking so long. The author is insisting that all three books be released at the same time. He might be right. We just don’t know if that makes a difference of not. Again, part of the learning experience.

You know what? We should write a free PDF “book” and sell a course on this independent publishing thing. Haha. Joking! We’re not a scam, selling useless crap on social media, on “how I got rich” (by selling a course and book to explain how to sell a course on how to get rich. Sigh!)

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