First Signing

We’ve signed our first author! We’re pretty excited here. It’s been a journey pivoting from this to book publishing, and during a pandemic. It might be foolhardy but we’re passionate about books and just wish more people were. But instead of simply whinging we’re doing something about it. We’re going to bring you books and authors that we think are worthwhile and that we enjoy.

Our first author is MK Macpherson. He has written a science fiction series called First Gods. The first three books are almost finished and we are excited about his ideas for the future novels in the series.

We both have realistic expectations of the relationship potential between our newly minted publishing company and our first author. There’s going to be a learning curve but we’re both excited about that experience. MK Macpherson is not well known. Of course! Otherwise we wouldn’t have got him. But he writes well and his novels are thoughtful and suspenseful. We like that. We enjoy novels that explore interesting ideas but also make you want to start the next chapter immediately.

There’s a lot of work to be done before we can bring you the first three books of the series. MK Macpherson needs to put his finishing touches to the manuscripts, our editor needs to get their hands on it and the book cover designer has already begun and has presented some ideas to us and the author. However, we’re hopeful that it will be only a couple of months before our first books are available.

New ventures are exciting!

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